What’s Your Playlist?

When it comes to music, I love listening to something that feeds my spirit and inspiring.The music industry is massive but not everything being played is good.The music that’s been playing on the charts lately is extremely dirty.Dirty is actually an understatement.Most of the music is centered around drugs,sex, money and ego.The songs are catchy … More What’s Your Playlist?

The Greatest Priority

Lets be honest here, what is your greatest priority in life?.Take a minute to answer that before you continue reading the rest of the article . Did I hear, career,relationships, spouse, children, bank account ,food and so on…We all have things that we prioritize the most in our lives.Its our nature as human beings to … More The Greatest Priority

Unstoppable Love

There was an old woman who lived with her two grandchildren.She was wealthy and had very many ducks that she loved.One day when the two kids were playing at the compound, the boy accidentally killed one of the ducks.Scared that the grandmother would be furious ,he asked his sister not to tell on him.The sister … More Unstoppable Love