Re-thinking my Dream?

Two years ago, I completed my undergraduate degree.I was happy.I was over the moon.Extremely overjoyed.I mean, I had passed my exams, I was doing well and I was ready to pursue my international relations dream.See,my excitement was because I knew things would work out.After completing my undergraduate, I had a plan.A great plan for me.Of … More Re-thinking my Dream?

Breaking Free

Maya had just completed her masters degree and was working for an international organization.She was utterly living her dream;she had done her masters before she was thirty, she had a beautiful home and was working for an international company that was paying her quite well.She got to her office after her afternoon meeting and went … More Breaking Free

God’s Power is Made Perfect in our Weakness

Have you ever truly experienced Gods power taking over your weakness?. There are times that we experience storms and resistance in our lives.This usually overwhelms us and sometimes we feel completely crashed.There is a point in life that everything seems to go the wrong way.At this point you always feel like all your energy is … More God’s Power is Made Perfect in our Weakness