Midyear: Lessons learnt

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Its July and 2018 is halfway already.How has the year been so far? good ,bad? Have you achieved any of your goals ? better yet, are you happy so far?. Ama cha muhimu ni uhai? lol .I don’t know, I feel like as I get older time goes on by faster.The most important thing is for us to take one day at a time and make the most out of it.Here are some lessons learnt so far.

Self care
Self care is something that am slowly allowing myself to do more.Growing up, I didn’t really bother about working out, eating well or taking care of my skin because somehow things worked out without me having to put extra effort.As I grow older, I am understanding the importance of self care, not only physical but also mental.Take care of your body and mind.They are important.Do some workouts ,go to the dentist, eat healthy and love yourself.

Letting go
Learn to let go of things, even if you love them.Its hard and scary to letting go because we want to hold onto things and relationships.Because of this, we end up having so much clutter in our lives.You know that dress you bought a year a go, you love it but it doesn’t fit , let it go.Letting go for me applies mainly to material things,people,fears that are embedded in our brains and unnecessary comforts.

Learning to listen to God
I have read and heard hundreds of people saying how God speaks to them.Sentences like ” God told me to do this, God said this…” and so on.I have always wanted to say that.I know God has always been speaking to me I just wasnt listening.Problem with me is that ,I am the type of person to want a Moses burning bush kinda conversation with God.The one that completely shows me that God is truly speaking to me.I have learnt that God speaks to us in many different ways, and reading His word and meditating on it is important in building a relationship with Him.

Dont be too anxious, take time to just chill.Relax.Everything will work out.

Faith in God
One of the things I wanted to continue doing this year was to get more closer to God and to have complete faith in Him.I have been striving to have complete trust in God despite anything going on in my life.I came across this experimental hip hop group ” Beautiful eulogy” and am totally loving them.In their album ” Worthy” there is a song ” If” and its made me think about the faith I have in God.Here is an excerpt

“If in one unfortunate moment
You took everything that I own
Everything you’ve given from heaven above
And everything that I’ve ever known…
I would never blame you for evil
Even if you caused me pain
I came into this world with nothing
And when I die it’ll be the same
I will praise your name
In the giving and taking away
If I have you I could lose everything
And still consider it gain”

The most important thing so far, is that you are doing well,you are breathing and even reading this post.Keep doing what you love, be kind to others and love yourself. Don’t feel anxious because you haven’t achieved your goals, things will eventually work out…ooh, and if you love someone, tell them ,it could change everything 😉.

Thank-you for reading❤️


4 thoughts on “Midyear: Lessons learnt

  1. This is good talk, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing. I particularly feel you regarding listening to God.


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