What’s Your Playlist?

When it comes to music, I love listening to something that feeds my spirit and inspiring.The music industry is massive but not everything being played is good.The music that’s been playing on the charts lately is extremely dirty.Dirty is actually an understatement.Most of the music is centered around drugs,sex, money and ego.The songs are catchy and all but their lyrics are meaningless.I don’t know if its just me but I believe what you listen too is very important.The songs that you listen to describes you.Every song has a message that it wants to pass across and every song also has a spirit to it.You are what is on your playlist.What you listen to is therefore very important.I wont go into what songs one should listen to.But, I hope you listen to messages that feed your spirit.Have you been looking for new music for your playlist? I got you covered. That’s if you haven’t listened to any of the songs that I will post below.Am pretty sure you’ll find something new for your playlist.

The songs that I have posted below are some of the songs that I think are really good.Most of them are not very popular but I have found them to be really good for my soul. You’ll find several songs from the same band, that’s because I couldn’t put the whole album here 🙂 but if you love them go ahead and listen to all of it and am sure you’ll love them.The list is not in any order whatsoever.

1.Josh Garells- Born Again
I don’t even know how I came across Josh Garells music but he is really good.One thing about this song is that it has a lot going on and with a deep meaning.I watched the video twice to get the animation .

2.Beautiful Eulogy- If…
I found this band this year and they are incredible.They literally put theology in bars.Like Seriously,I never listen to whole albums but for their album ” Worthy” I listened to all of it.The song ” If” is about how one should only trust in God in the having and loosing of things.They are also deep.

3.Beautiful Eulogy – Sovereign
The lyrics to this song give justice to the loftiness that God deserves.

4.CalledOutMusic- My Prayer(Yahweh)

I think this is every christians prayer

5.Timothy Reddick- You Covered me

6.Travis Greene – While I’m waiting

7.JP Cooper- Closer
I know this song was written for mental health awareness .The video and JP Coopers voice is really good…and all his songs are really good.Check them out if you like this one.

8.Francisandthelights- May I have this dance feat Chance the Rapper
I just love this song.So simple yet so good.

9.Beautiful Eulogy- Messiah feat Citizens
Just listen to the whole ” Worthy ” Album😊🙌 .

10.Hillsong Worship – New Wine

11.Hillsong Worship- So Will I (100 Billion X)

12.Karwira Laura feat Alice Kimanzi- Ujulikane

13.Upperoom -This is How I fight my Battles

14.Rivers and Robots- Shepherd of My Soul

15.Brian & Jen Johnson – You’re Gonna be okay

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8 thoughts on “What’s Your Playlist?

  1. Number 11 is one of my recent favourites. I feel that call to worship, to surrender, to action, whenever I listen. It reminds of purpose, of why I was created, and why I should commit to that purpose.

    I loved this post for how basically truthful it is. Thank you for sharing.


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