Comparison is the Death of Joy

You probably spend a lot of time on social media, don’t you? if you don’t, you are a minority today.Social media is an amazing platform.It has given us an opportunity to connect with our family,friends and even clients online.We are therefore constantly visiting sites like Pintrest,Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat and other sites to connect with people.Most of our … More Comparison is the Death of Joy


Book Review:Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I had always wanted to read Chimamanda’s books. To be honest ,its because everyone was reading “Americanah” and because of FOMO I really wanted to join the bandwagon.I then realized that she had more books and they were all super hyped.After watching her TED talk “We should all be feminists”I thought she was amazing.When I … More Book Review:Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Life is Precious

I read a story of a young man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.The doctors gave him several months to live.His story was really sad.It made me think of the many times I have forgotten to be grateful for being alive.Life is a precious gift.This moment a person can be here and the next moment … More Life is Precious

Re-thinking my Dream?

Two years ago, I completed my undergraduate degree.I was happy.I was over the moon.Extremely overjoyed.I mean, I had passed my exams, I was doing well and I was ready to pursue my international relations dream.See,my excitement was because I knew things would work out.After completing my undergraduate, I had a plan.A great plan for me.Of … More Re-thinking my Dream?